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Post Doctors

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Dr. Yiluo Hu (호예라 박사) – 2023.03 ~ Present

Email: lannyhu0806[at]

Hobby: Swimming

Research: Development of Biocompatible Hydrogels with Electrical Conductivity, Adhesiveness, and Viscoelastic Properties

Dr. Jihoon Han (한지훈 박사) 2024.02 ~ Present

Email: lpchjh[at]

Hobby: Watching Youtube

Research: Design of Sequence Controlled Multi-Block Polymers 

Combined MS & Ph. D candidates

Taehun Chung (정태훈)

Integrated M.S. & Ph.D. candidate (2018.03~)

Email: thchung20[at]

Hobby: Soccer, Badminton

Research: Development of Biomimetic Soft Actuators

[Lab manager]

Jaewon Choi (최재원)

Integrated M.S. & Ph.D. candidate (2022.03~)

Email: jaewonc[at]

Hobby: Bass guitar

Research: Development of Self-oscillating Hydrogels

MS candidates

Na Gyeong Jeon (전나경)

M.S. candidate (2022.09~)

Email: bona7239[at]

Hobby: Futsal

Research: Development of Ionic Conductors for Energy Application

Saehyun Kim (김세현)

M.S. candidate (2024.01~)

Email: saehyun[at]

Hobby: Swimming, Crossfit

Research: Polymer Gels for Zinc Batteries & Anode Modification

Soyeon Park (박소연)

M.S. candidate (2024.01~)

Email: parksoyeon[at]

Hobby: Gourmet tour

Research: Development of Ionic Conductors for Next-generation Fuel Cells